Prologue   08/08/2017


It has been a long sporting summer since the end of the Kennedy Cup in the middle of June.

Short a World Cup Finals, a European Championships or even an Olympics we have had to find sporting solace elsewhere.

Sadly the Continental Cup or the Inter Continental or could not give a Continental Cup (or whatever it was called) did not cut it for me. It was a little hard to get excited about a football tournament including New Zealand!

Now they can play Rugby alright and the Lions Tour was a distraction for a time notwithstanding the excessive and exaggerated hype by Sky. It required a degree of skill to stay an extra 40 minutes in the bed so as to time tuning in for exactly the early morning kick-off time!

A highlight was the Tour de France. On one level it is a great way to see France without leaving the couch but this Tour was also remarkable for the largely unrecognised efforts by Dan Martin. It was amazing to see him push himself to his absolute limit each day and every day for three weeks often in pursuit of only a few seconds advantage. That he was twice undone by cruel luck only to keep fighting back was heroic and was the story of the summer and he has not really got the credit or recognition his incredible efforts deserved.

Gaa just does nothing for me.

I always thought the Gaa missed a trick. Hurling is by far the superior game and stands comparison with any sport anywhere. The level of skill involved is such that it is very hard to have a poor game. Yet it is only played seriously by 8 teams which gives rise to some bizarre oddities. Thus Galway are the Leinster champions! They spent most of the summer reducing the 8 teams who do play to 6 and then have 2 Quarter-Finals!

They had an Intermediate competition. Cork got a bye to the Final where they played Kilkenny who beat the only other team, Wexford I think, in what was the First Round, Leinster Final and All-Ireland semi-final all in one! Bizarre! And a pity because it is some game.

Gaelic football by comparison is a yawn!

The biggest thing to happen this summer was that some player who clearly put his hands on a linesman got the minimum suspension for breaking the Rule that says you incredibly cannot put your hands on a linesman!  

Several Amazon Rain Forests were destroyed and countless hours of TV and Radio time were devoted to discussing this banality. A whole industry has developed around the game whereby former players and other spivs just give out and slag everyone else off! I am convinced that gaelic football is a bit like the Kardashians – very little of any significance or importance happens but everybody spends forever talking about it!

Not even the World Athletics can sate the sporting appetite. It seems to have become a contest between competing pharmaceutical companies. Irish athlete Ciara Mageean was eliminated in the heats of the 1500. Yet in her event in 2012 six out of the top nine have been caught for cheating! That Justin Gatlin has had two drug bans yet still won the 100m at age 35 was bad enough but the tut-tuting by the BBC at that in stark contrast to their complete silence in relation to reasonable questions surrounding Mo was the last straw and we have tuned out from that already. (By the way 5 out of the 8 starters in the London 2012 100m Final tested positive for drugs in their careers).

All that is left to us is the Womens Rugby World Cup. It is a bit of a secret (and don’t tell anybody) but that starts in Ireland this week. It is amazing to see an Irish media who worked themselves into a lather over the Irish Women’s Soccer team almost totally ignore this major international event which takes place here, starting this week!

But then salvation!

The Championship kicked off last weekend and the Premiership kicks off next weekend. Sky would have you believe that it is “The Greatest Show on Earth”. It is not quite that but it is the maddest. It is far from perfect and the obscene wealth could not be further removed from the people who support and love it yet it is great that it is back. Clubs have spent outrageous amounts of money, sometimes on mediocre players, but that means that about six Clubs are under the most severe pressure to actually win the thing! At the other end another seven or eight will battle just to stay on the roller coaster! That will make for compelling viewing. Giant sized portions to gorge upon on Saturdays, Match of the Day, Super Sunday, MNF! Unbelievable Jeff!

But before even all of that we have the Galway Cup!

The ADSL send a Squad of 19 to take part in the 2004 Elite Section.

The Galway Cup has been a staple for the ADSL since 2008. It is a great preparation for the following years Kennedy Cup and exposes young players to tournament play while also facilitating their continuing football education and development. The Tournament is well run, played on superb pitches and generally against very good opposition.

The ADSL are drawn in a very competitive Group D alongside the Waterford Schoolboy League, the North East Counties League and Colorado Rapids from the USA.

The action kicks off on this Wednesday the 9th day of August 2017 and finishes up on Saturday. We will play two games on Wednesday against Waterford and NEC. 

Please follow us on our “2017 Galway Cup Diary”.


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