Galway Cup Day 1   09/08/2017



Good morning!

And what a glorious morning it is on this the first day of the 2017 Galway Cup. The fact that Man U lost the Super Cup last night has nothing to do with the high spirits. Well, maybe a little.

OK, maybe a lot.

There is great excitement ahead of today and the next four days. We have prepared well albeit in a short period of time. We are missing a few but we are determined to give this a go and try to do our best.

First we must say “Hello” to David out in Argentina.

Hello David out in Argentina!

David is in Argentina with what the Kennedy Cup lads called “the GF”.

Now, we want to make it very clear that David is delighted to be out in Argentina and he has no interest whatever in how we get on here or what is going on here in Galway. While David took the Training before he left we would want to point out in the most unambiguous way that he never even had cause to pause to even remotely wish or consider that he would prefer to be here. Eimear should know that David will not be reading this and will not be expecting any text updates and will not be checking any form of social media and will not even engage even the use of a carrier pigeon to check on how we are doing. He could not care less. He has no interest. He does not want to know. He is perfectly happy visiting the local art gallery, the museum, and a few cathedrals and whatever else Buenos Aires has to offer. He does not want to know. No interest, Squat! In fact diddedly squat!

Glad we cleared that up!

Our bus left from the Athlone Springs Hotel this morning. Despite the early start the mood was good. Of course Zak was here first. Zak is always first. We believe he may have camped out overnight. Dermot was last. Meanwhile Toby took exception to having to leave in the middle of the night like this. This is likely to play havoc with his circadian rhythms. I mean it is 8.00am. What! 8.00am!  Abdul does not know whether it is time for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner but he is fairly certain he will be having a chicken family box.

By the way did we mention that Man U lost last night?

By the way Man U lost last night!

The pitches in Galway are magnificent. Possibly the best ever. Of course it helps that a warm sun shines out of a blue sky. Of course it would not be Galway without a strong wind but unusually it was blowing away from the clubhouse end.

We were quickly into it with our first game.

                     ADSL      0   :    Waterford League   1

This was very disappointing and our worst display in some time especially in the first half.

We were under early pressure and could not get out of our half. In that time they hit our post with a speculative effort.

But it got better for us. Rian had a half chance. Shane Han had an effort from a free kick and then Danny had a shout for a penalty but he was too honest and tried to stay on his feet when others might have gone down.

Waterford took the lead in the 20th minute. It was a good move down our left with a deep cross to our back post which was headed to the net.

Straight away Danny had two good efforts both well saved and just before half-time we had our best passage of play when Danny released Rian and while he put in a super low ball across the goal mouth there was nobody there to just finish it.

But overall we were poor. We did pass at all. We stood off them and gave them too much room to play. It was not our greatest half and was compounded with Odhran having to come off with an injury.

However we did improve after the break but not by enough. They hit our crossbar again and had two goals rightly ruled out for offside. But we had chances too. Shane Han reacted quickest to a loose ball off a corner but his snap shot was brilliantly tipped over for another corner Danny also had a good shot excellently saved.

But time ran out for us.

We had some good individual performances but not enough. But we did not play well or how we have trained. That was more disappointing than the score line. The mood did not improve with news that Odhran’s injury will keep him out for the rest of the week.

In the other Group game North East Counties drew 1-1 with Colorado Rapids from the USA.

We retreated to a quiet corner for our lunch and to lick our wounds. We were as low as a snakes arse!

But we soon came around. We also headed off to Silver Strand and a dip in the sea soon revived our spirits. It was glorious weather and the sea was bracing but it was great fun together. We got soaked. There is sand everywhere. One nameless sod engaged in a bit of money laundering. We brought a ball. It was fantastic. Just what we needed and then washed down with some delicious ice cream! For the calcium, you know!

It was a much happier group that returned to Drom for our second game.

                        ADSL     2    :      NEC League     0

This was more like it.

Right from the first whistle we were at it. We were unrecognisable from this morning. We passed the ball. We switched the play. We built phases. This was us.

We got reward after 14 minutes. Rian was magnificent with a great flick to Danny who cut back inside in the box and when his low shot was saved Jason was following up to hammer home the rebound from close range. 1-0.

We had a host of other chances mostly the result of some very good play. We defended well too when we had to and David was very good between the sticks. All over the pitch we were much improved.

We carried on into the second half which was very pleasing as everyone got out on the pitch at some stage.

We scored a second 13 minutes into the second half. Biyi was very good in the build up. Jason’s low shot was turned onto the post but Danny was there for a richly deserved goal.

All over the pitch we were very good and we were very pleased with that but tinged with huge regret after this morning.

But then a life line!

Over on the next pitch and as we were preparing to leave our attention was turned to the Colorado v Waterford match.

It was 0-0 for a long time but the Rapids were on top but just could not convert that superiority into a goal. That is until three minutes from time when they got a penalty and then scored it to take the lead. Those last few minutes took forever but Colorado held out to win.

So we are very much alive in this Group when we thought our chance had gone.

There is still work to do. Any of the four teams can still win this Group. We know that the Americans are very good but we are in with a chance and know what we need to do.

A good end to overall a good day. Tomorrow will tell a tale.

By the way to all our readers out in Argentina if you spot a pasty Irish fella with a big smile on his face that might be our David.

All to play for. See you tomorrow.


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