Galway Cup Day 2   10/08/2017



We will start with a prayer.

Dear Lord . . . .

So far today I am doing all right. I have not lost my temper, not even been grumpy, nasty, selfish, smug, patronising or self indulgent.

I have not whined, given out, passed a smart remark, poked fun at some unsuspecting and undeserving soul, not even tried to be funny, (or think that I am uproaringly hilarious).

However, I am going to get out of bed in a few minutes and I will need a lot more help after that.


Another early start this morning. We play Colorado Rapids from the USA this morning at 10.40am on Pitch 4.

Before that an advance party was down to see Waterford play NEC first.

The Group is delicately poised. Any team can win the Group. Any team could finish fourth.

Colorado Rapids top the Group with four points and a goal difference of +1 and have scored two goals. We are second on three points and a goal difference of +1 and we also have scored two goals. Waterford are third on three points with a nil goal difference having scored one goal. NEC are fourth with one point and a goal difference of -2 also with one goal scored.

Still with us?

OK. The Tournament Rules state that tied teams are separated first by “Goal Difference” then by “Goals Scored” and next then by the “Head to Head” meeting between those tied teams and if that fails to sort it out then the Disciplinary Record of those tied teams comes into play. If that will not sort it out it will be decided by the toss of a coin!  

Simple enough?

It was made very simple when Waterford beat NEC 2-1. That meant that if we could win we would top the Group. Easier said than done!

                 ADSL    0   :  Colorado Rapids (USA)     2


This score line does us no justice.

We actually played quite well, played some good football, had enough chances but we lost.

We started much the better and had the first real chance after a few minutes on the back of a good flowing move. Toby did well to switch the play out to Brian. Brian got in a good cross which was cleared out to Sam on the edge of the box. Sam took it on, beat two players but his shot was just over. It was a very encouraging start.

They however took the lead after five minutes with an attack down our right to score at the near post. It was a soft goal.

We came right back. Danny had a good shot saved by an excellent one handed stop. From the rebound Jason appeared to be fouled with shouts for a penalty ignored.

We were working our way back into and again playing good football only to go two behind with just 11 minutes on the clock. A ball was floated in from our left from a free kick and was headed to the net at the back post. Another soft goal really but now we were at the bottom of a large mountain.

We kept at it and Rian was unlucky with a shot before the break but they were very good at the bad parts of the game. They slowed play down at every opportunity and to be honest were quite cynical in diving and throwing themselves about the place with a little bit of off the ball stuff thrown in for good measure. They were obviously coached that way which was a pity because they were well able to play. However the example set them from their own line was not very good and honestly should have no place in what after all is children’s football.

We tried to climb the mountain in the second half and had a few chances. Rian had a good shot and Danny had a thunderbolt blocked by a defender but despite honest and fulsome effort we could not get the breakthrough. We just needed one goal to give us a boost and perhaps to plant a doubt in their heads but we just could not score.

They did not have a real chance after their second goal after just 11 minutes of the game but they did take their chances and they did not need to score again.

Whatever misgivings we do have about their line they are a very good side with good technical players and we then and now congratulate them on their win and on also topping the Group and advancing to the semi-finals.

We have to settle for third in the Group and now a Play-Off for places from 9th to 13th.

Not what we expected or hoped for.

Still we have to get on with it and we go again tomorrow. We will have to wait a bit to find out our opposition.

A bit disappointing all round.

On a more positive note it is great to see Damien Duff down here. He is with the Shamrock Rovers U-15 side and of course is also involved in coaching the Irish Under-15’s. It is fantastic that one of the greatest Irish players of recent times is involved at this level.

And it can also be confirmed that everything your Dad ever said about Duffer is true. He was a top player. One of our very best. He was sensational in the Chelsea title winning squad and always magnificent in a green jersey.

Everything your mother and your grandmother also ever thought about him is also true. He is a pure gent! It must be an almighty nuisance but he stands in for every photo, every selfie, signs every autograph all with an albeit weary type smile but all done genuinely and sincerely. He is a credit to his profession and to our sport. Well done Duffer!

It was confirmed that we will play Cavan/Monaghan tomorrow at 2.25pm. It is a long wait but we will go again and try to do our best in the remaining two matches.

The boys are a bit down and dejected. They had hoped for more out of this but they have let nobody down. They have put in a mighty effort and they owe it to themselves to now try to finish on a high.

We will pick it up from there tomorrow.

Note – we are having technical problems with photos which we hope will be sorted over the weekend. Please do not adjust your set !!



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