Galway Cup Day 3   11/08/2017



Just as sure as a one legged duck swims in a circle you are also guaranteed to get absolutely soaked on at least one day at the Galway Cup.

It is a tradition. It may also be in the Rules.

It rained overnight and it is still raining and very wet this morning. We don’t play until 2.25pm so hopefully it will have cleared up by then. For now it is a bit dark and damp.

A bit like our mood really!

We had hoped to do better. We expected to do better. We should have done better?

The performance against Waterford was not very good. Still the result could really have gone either way and as poor as we were we still deserved at least a draw.

We were much better against NEC and which was reflected in the result but the performance and the way we played was good.

Against Colorado we again played reasonably ok. We conceded poor goals and while we huffed and we puffed we could not blow their house down. But we did not give up at any stage and played right up to the last whistle. That has to be good. Yes? No?

Are we trying to fool ourselves?

Are we trying to convince ourselves that just because it looks like a duck (back to ducks), just because it walks like a duck, just because it quacks like a duck then maybe then it is in fact a feathered, dark plumaged, short-legged, amphibious, water-bird!

David sends his and Emer’s best regards from South America. (We apologise to Emer for spelling her name wrong in a previous transmission. Get used to it Emer – hopefully we will be apologising to you loads of times and for many years to come!)

Anyway David and Emer have moved onto Brazil from Argentina. There David will try to educate the locals how to play football. Apparently the locals are quite enthusiastic and with David’s good guidance we can expect to hear much from them in the future. Plenty of “UP – BACK – and THROUGH”.  Watch this space!

 While in Argentina David brought Emer to see River Plate play Guarani in Buenos Aires last Tuesday in a last 16 match of the South American Champions League. The atmosphere was amazing. David points out that River Plate play like us in a 4-4-2 Diamond with a No. 6 who looks like and plays like Odhran!

Anyway River Plate went 1-0 down in stoppage time in the first half. This triggered an amazing response from their supporters. They started chanting and singing and really encouraging their team. Apparently it was unreal and continued into the second half. The team responded and equalised and then went on to take the lead on aggregate.

David’s message to us is the same. Believe in ourselves! Encourage one another! Stick together! Keep going!

That will be our message for today.

(Really you have to hand it to David. And Emer thought she was going to South America to see new places, meet new people, sample the local food and drink, to be immersed in the local culture. And no football!  Yea, right! Just like a one legged duck swims in a circle! { Back to ducks again – duck it!} Nice one David! Enjoy your holiday!).

By match time while the weather has not improved a whole lot our mood has certainly lifted. Good to go!

The mood was sky high in the dressing room before the game. There was good banter and good craic. Biyi won the Dance Off pipping Sam into second place with Odhran a distant third. Mighty fun.

Then out for our warm-up with the rain even stopping for a time.

                     ADSL    3    :     Cavan/Monaghan     2

We made a number of changes with five players getting their first start.

We started well and it was looking good in the opening minutes. That is until they scored in the fifth minute. We gave away a cheap free on the edge of our box. Cian R did well to stop the direct kick but they reacted quickest to the rebound to stab the ball home for the opening goal.

We responded brilliantly and were back on level terms within a further five minutes. Unusually for us it was direct Route One. Danny flicked on Cian R’s kick-out with Rian racing clear and then calmly holding his nerve to strike the ball low to the far bottom corner while at top speed. A very good finish for 1-1.

 We might have taken the lead on the 14th minute with Danny’s shot well saved after more excellent work by Rian.

However we were soon behind again.

Sloppy play gave up a cheap chance which their No.9 brillantly converted for 1-2.

We levelled for the second time with a peach of a goal. It was great play. Darragh made a great pass to Danny who cut back inside and when his shot was blocked the ball fell to Shane Harrington to drill it low into the bottom corner for 2-2. It stayed that way to half-time.

We totally controlled almost all of the second half. We got an early free kick in a good position but Danny took his point! He then had another good chance moments later with the keeper spilling his shot but somehow scrambled to stop the ball going over the line.

We took the lead nine minutes into the half. It was another great move. A series of tidy passes ended when Ben very cleverly rolled the ball into Shane Hanley’s path to drill into the net for a great lead goal.

We had more chances even after that but did not take them and almost paid the price in added time. We had a free close to their touchline. Ben floated it in and Tobby got his head to it but not with enough and they managed to clear and counter-attack. We were light at the back but got away with it when their final looping shot came back off the crossbar. Phhew!

A little lucky there but overall we deserved our win and it was a happy crew who went to warm-down well satisfied with our performance and the win. It was also nice of Niall Harrison, the FAI’s Director of Emerging Talent to come have an encouraging word with the Squad.

Then back to the dressing room. While Sam went to the Physio for a full NCT the rest hit Supermacs. Brian recommends the Curry Chips with Cheese and a Garlic Dip! Such extravagance!

Then it was off to Silver Strand. The sea was cold but invigorating and while a few were reluctant to go in once in you could not get them out! The hoots and laughter of fellas having a great time could be heard back in Athlone itself!

A great way to finish a good day.

It can only be summed up in one way – it was a quacker!

Quacker! Get it? Another duck reference. Get it? (We find that we have to explain these to Sam and a few more.) 

Anyhow we play Kildare tomorrow in our last game. More then. Slan.

Before finishing we must acknowledge that flags flew at half mast at the venue today in tribute to the Galway hurling legend, Tony Keady. We add our sincere sympathy to his family and friends on the passing of a remarkable sportsman. May he Rest in Peace.


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