Remembering Tim   31/08/2017

Remembering Tim

It is hard to believe that it is a year since we lost our brother, Tim Ross.

One year on it still makes no sense and that pervading numbness and overwhelming sadness that engulfed us all that fateful Thursday and in the following dreadful days has scarcely dissipated.

We stood in sombre silent tribute with his school-mates and those who played countless other sports with Tim on that saddest Saturday. We were proud to walk with Tim on his last journey. All that could be heard was the slow shuffle of sad feet. Even the birds stopped singing.

The quiet dignity of Tim’s family in their incomparable loss and devastation was inspiring. The incredible support of the local community was awesome. The magnificent resilience and comradeship of young people was reassuring.

Yet we remain diminished by the tragic loss of Tim Ross. He lived his life to the full. He enchanted us with his harmless roguery. He enthralled us with his good humour. He sometimes exhausted us with his insatiable energy. His memory inspires us.

Yes we continue to miss Tim. We will never forget Tim. We will carry him with us in all that we do, the good and the bad, our wins and our losses, our ups and our downs. We will do all that for Tim. He will be with us always.

To Tim’s mam Katharine and his dad Richard, to his sisters Orla and Aoife, to his family and friends we are so sorry for your loss and we are thinking of you in a special way this week.

Tim is our brother and we will always miss him


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