Day 10 Malta   09/04/2018


               THURSDAY 5TH APRIL 2018

Our last day!

Last night was quieter than you would think!

We were tired. It was a long day and we have had nine previous fairly intense days. We were tired. We were also aware, and made aware, that we were sharing a hotel and a floor with other guests so a certain amount of respect was involved. So we were in our rooms by midnight and fellas had conked out soon afterwards.

We were up today by 9.00am. There was a last chance to go to the Pool before breakfast. Most took that chance. These Pools will have many great memories for us from this trip and it was great to have one last dip.

Then we were down for breakfast. It was good to see that the healthy eating habits are being kept up even on the last day and with no games today. Maybe a few will carry on this way back home?

After breakfast we said our goodbye’s to the dining room staff. They were very good to us and it was good to simply say thanks. They seemed pleasantly surprised by that!

Then it was back up to the 6th Floor to start packing for some, to finish for others. We also tidied up a bit and the Housekeeping staff were again surprised when we took large bags from them to pack up rubbish etc.

Room 667 won the coveted Award for the messiest Room.

To be fair there was 4 in that Room rather than the usual 3 that were in the other 5 Rooms. We are not sure if that was an advantage or a disadvantage! But either way Room 667 won by a distance!

The Expert Judging Panel had particular regard to the overall state of the Room. To the untrained eye it looked like a random distribution of clothing across the floor but the Judging Panel were impressed by the fact that every square millimetre of the floor area was festooned with clothing, wet towels and rubbish of every hue such that the colour of the same floor surface was a complete mystery.

The Panel noted the subtle placement of odd socks in the most unlikely positions while the fact that there was not a single item of bed clothing on any of the four beds except for a solitary and strategically placed pillow perched at an obtuse angle at the wrong end of a bed was a notable feature.

The Panel were impressed by the considerable effort involved in placing chocolate, biscuit and sweet wrappers together with empty water bottles all around the waste bin but without putting anything actually in the bin itself save and excepting the obligatory odd sock! The decision to keep the window and curtains closed also added a unique atmosphere and lent an aroma best left to the imagination!  

The bathroom however was the crowning glory, the piece d’resistance! Words can do it no adequate justice. Discarded wet towels and abandoned bottles of shower gel dotted the sodden floor while an open tube of toothpaste hinted at a more wholesome picture. The obligatory odd sock of course was the icing on the cake!

Housekeeping are now busy at work in the Room on a rolling 24 hour shift and they are hopeful that the Room might well be restored as fit for human habitation by the peak of the season in June!

The occupants of Room 667 were admirably modest and gracious in their achievement. Indeed Oisin and Cian were especially generous in attributing much, if indeed, all of the credit to Zak.

This by itself was extraordinary as if anything else went wrong poor old Abdul usually got it in the neck! However the possibility that Abdul had an involvement on the creative design side cannot be ruled out!     

Of course all the other rooms were perfect!

When we were packed and tidied up (a bit) we went down to Reception to check out and to wait for our 12 noon bus to the airport.

It was a little sad checking out. The Qawra Palace Hotel was very good to us. It is a great hotel and we really enjoyed our time there. The food was fantastic. All the staff were very helpful and friendly and very good to us (except for their dastardly complicity in that April Fools prank). We really enjoyed the Pool and the fact that the Hotel allowed us to be children. We would recommend the Qawra Palace Hotel.

There was glorious sunshine so most sat outside to catch the last few rays while waiting for the bus. The shop where we bought our water and other essential supplies is closed. It is rumoured that he made so much money in the last ten days that he has retired! A few went for ice cream while we waited. For the calcium, don’t you know!

We loaded up the bus and headed for the airport. Our flight is at 3.35pm.

We quickly checked in and headed for Departures. Sam O gave us a tune on the piano. A few did last minute (or first minute) shopping. Others just sat around reflecting on the last ten days.

Our flight left on time but it is the best part of a four hour flight into a strong head wind. On the way the pilot pointed out spectacular views of the French Alps beneath us. Incredible!

We arrived into Dublin and the cold and the wet was there to greet us. Can we go back!

It seemed slow to collect our baggage and get out of the airport. We had a short wait for our bus. We almost perished! We loaded up quick and we had Rolls on the bus waiting for us. They really hit the spot. Good man, Terry!

We made great time getting down to Athlone and were in Kilmartins N6 Centre for just after 9.00pm, minutes behind our set schedule.

There was a large group of parents and family there to greet us.

Soon , we were dispersed. All gone our separate ways. All with tales to tell. All with great memories of a fantastic tour to Malta. What a truly fantastic and memorable ten days!

And we also got some Vitamin D!

So, a huge THANK YOU to all and everyone that made this trip possible. Thanks especially to all those who sponsored and financially supported this trip. Thanks to those who worked so hard to pull it all together.

These young men have a trip that they will never forget, an experience that will stand them in good stead and memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

These young men also represented their families, their clubs, their League and their country with extraordinary distinction, and on and off the playing pitch. These are mighty men.

Finally, thanks to you the reader. We hope this gave you some idea of all that we have enjoyed over the last ten days. Thank you.


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