FUTSAL RULES   28/12/2018


1.Each squad consists of a Panel of 8 players. (4 outfield, 1 goalkeeper & 3 subs).

2.Amatch is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than 5 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. All 8 panel players must play in each game. Each team must make 3 substitutions at a break in play, to be decided by referee, nearest the half way stage. A team can only make a substitution before that half-way stage for reason of injury. A sub cannot be replaced except for reason of injury but otherwise a replaced player may re-enter the game. If a goalkeeper is to be replaced, the replacement keeper must have his/her own goalkeeper jersey & gloves.  Except for reason of injury sustained on the evening of play, teams not having the full panel of 8 players must still make 3 substitutions as per this rule, resulting in a corresponding reduction of players on the pitch. Teams breaking this rule will forfeit any points won in that particular game.

3. When the ball goes out of play at the sidelines, it is kicked (not thrown) back into play. Scooping the ball into the air is not permitted. Opponents must be three metres from the ball for the kick-in. A goal cannot be scored direct from a kick-in.

4.When the ball goes wide at the end lines, the goalkeeper can only throw the ball under-arm back into play. If the ball is thrown beyond the half way line without touching a player from either team, a free kick will be awarded to the opponents from the half way line. There are no goal kicks. Corner kicks are awarded in the usual way.

5. If kick-ins, restarts,corners and free-kicks are not taken within five (5) seconds, the other team will get possession of the ball. Again, Scooping the ball into the air is not permitted.

6. Direct free kicks are awarded for all fouls. A player may score direct from a free kick.


7.There is no offside.

8. There is no stop in play for a half-time team talk. All Group gameswill be played over a continuous period of Ten (10) minutes. All Pool games, Semi-Finals & Final will be played over a continuous period of Twelve (12) minutes.

9. In each Group & Pool match the winning team will receive 3 points. In the event of a draw each team will receive 1 point.

10.The two teams in each Group having the most points will qualify as Group winners and runners-up for the Pool games on Finals Night. The top 2 teams in each Pool will advance to contest the Semi Finals. The winner of each semi-final will contest the Grand Final.


11.In the event that teams have the same number of points in the Group or Pool stages then ranking will be determined by reference to the match between those tied teams. If this cannot determine ranking then ranking shall be determined by the team having the better goal difference in that Group/Pool. If this cannot determine ranking then ranking shall be determined by the team scoring the most goals in the Group/Pool and then by the team conceding least goals in the Group/Pool. Otherwise ranking shall be determined by the toss of a coin.

12. In the event that teams contesting the Semi-Finals & Final are tied at the end of normal time, a continuous period of 5 minutes extra time will be played, followed by a penalty shoot-out, where each team will take 3 penalties with sudden death penalties thereafter.

13. It is important that all participants are in attendance at least 45 minutes prior to the kick-off of the first game of each session.

14. All players must be uniformly kitted out, wearing the same jersey number as on the team entry sheet. This is important in order to give the correct player credit for scoring goals through the PA system. In case of clash of colours, please have alternative kit available to avoid the use of bibs.

15. Have Fun.


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