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I never really liked Ophelia.

It wasn’t really her fault.

More to do with Bill Shakespeare really and the fact that I had Hamlet for the Leaving Cert.

But then she blew up quite the storm back in October to herald the most awful seemingly endless winter ever. Poor auld Boxer was at his wits end! Run off his feet!

But I was quite fond of Emma.

That was despite the connotations with Jane Austen. You see I did “Persuasion” for the Leaving (the benefits of a rounded Marist education!). But I liked Emma.

That was until she had us snowed in for the first week of March and not even a few days off could compensate for the fact that we were down to our last sliced pan! We could even survive the daily ordeal of having to watch Ciaran Mullooly stranded in Tullamore with not a sign of a rescue attempt or any calls for the mobilisation of an international Task Force to even try to return the poor man to something resembling civilisation!

However, I was done with Emma when she and her cousin from the East started to postpone football matches!

I mean there is only so much a body can take. No football for almost three whole days in a row! I’m done with Emma!

Now they are talking about a White Easter and the clocks gone forward an hour last Sunday! This is supposed to be the Summer!

We have had enough!

In final desperation a band of young, intrepid, fearless adventurers, inspired by the exploits of Tom Crean and Ernest Shackleton, have undertaken a desperate heroic quest, enduring untold peril and hardship, trekking to the southern reaches of the unexplored Mediterranean in forlorn search of some Vitamin D!

This is their story.

We also will play some football along the way!

Yes, this is the story of the Athlone District Schoolboy/Girl League Under-14 Easter Tour to Malta!

Nineteen Under-14 Players from the ADSL head for Malta on Tuesday 27th March 2018 for an eagerly anticipated ten days to take part in the Tony Bajada Memorial Tournament in Malta, to prepare for the upcoming Kennedy Cup, to have a great time and to see if we can get a healthy injection of some much needed Vitamin D.

We hope you can share our adventure with us by joining us on our daily diary. No Ophelia’s nor Emma’s need apply!

Your 19 intrepid adventurers are :-

Darren Quinn, Ben Donegan, Shane Keenan, Shane Hanley, Danny Ryan, Shane Harrington, Joseph Martin, Brian Connell, (all AC Celtic); 

Darragh Lowry, Sam Fannin, Eoghan Raleigh, Cian Rainey (all Temple Villa); 

Zak Maguinness, Sam Osho, Bobby Nugent, David Campion (all St. Josephs); 

Abdul Idris and Biyi Odekunle (St. Francis) and 

Oisin McAuley (Hodson Bay Celtic).

It is Padraig’s, David’s and Dermot’s fault if anything goes wrong!

They are supported by an extensive cast of parents, siblings and assorted hangers-on all of whom intend to take Malta by storm!

The ADSL and the Malta Tour Party want to sincerely thank the following who have contributed to make this trip possible. We truly appreciate your generous sponsorship and support –

  • Garrycastle SPAR
  • Oliver Carty Meats
  • MMKDA Engineers & Architects
  • Hugh J. Campbell & Co. Solicitors
  • T & N McLynn Solicitors
  • Smiths SuperValu Monksland
  • Kevin Boxer Moran T.D.
  • Nut’s Corner
  • Val Beaumont
  • Sean White Car Sales
  • IMC Multiplex Cinema
  • Magliocco’s Coffee Haven
  • The Shack
  • Lawlor Foods
  • Bee Hive Ladies Hairdressing
  • Seery’s of Athlone
  • Duggan Transport
  • The Shamrock Lodge Hotel

We also want to sincerely thank Graham Owens in the Embassy of Malta in Dublin for his help and kind assistance.

Fasten yourself in. We hope we are going to have a fantastic ten days!  

Let’s go!


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