Kennedy Cup Day 1 2012-06-11 13:06:00


It is not really Day One. We have been building up to this for a long time now. We played our last warm-up games last weekend, had a great day on Tuesday in Bay Sports in Hodson Bay and had light sessions on Thursday and Friday.
All that hard work and preparation is all done now as the Squad gather at Kilmartins N6 Centre as we prepare to head to Limerick. There is an appreciation of what all this is about as a van had left earlier carrying all manner of food, equipment, stuff, odds and ends. The fact that we are bringing over 400 bottles of water gives some indication of the logistics involved.
But the prevailing mood is one of excitement and expectation.
22 expectant players headed for Limerick departing at just after 3.30pm. We are delighted that Glenn is with us. It was and is a huge disappointment that Glenn's broken arm from Malta has not recovered sufficiently to allow him take a full playing part. All the lads were and are gutted for Glenn but we are delighted also that he is with us. Glenn and Cathal are both very much a part of our Squad. We are also delighted now to have Conor Lynam on board. Conor has fitted right in and looks like he has been here forever. This will be a big week for Conor.
The atmosphere on the bus was great. Johnny Murray looked after that!
We stopped on the way for an ice cream stop in Borrisokane. We need the calcium!
A noisy bus got very quiet as we turned into the University of Limerick and had a first sight of the playing pitches. This is what it is all about. Sean and Conor had other things on their minds. Don't mention running taps or waterfalls as the two boys leapt from the bus and raced into our base in Limerick. Very enthusiastic or either that they needed the little boy's room!
We soon settled into our accommodation and got everything sorted away. Then it was time to eat. Wow! If this is any indication of what is to come we are going to eat like Kings! John Murray thinks Norman is a god!
Having eaten we then headed to the Centre in the University to watch the Ireland game. Apparently there is another Tournament on this week as well! There was a huge crowd and a great atmosphere. Sean P did his best to start the Mexican wave. There was a huge sense of gathering excitement right up until the 3rd minute when Croatia scored.
Our spirits were lifted when Sean St. Ledger scored. But it was a false dawn. We did not play very well. It was very disappointing. We could have gripes about a few decisions but in truth we were second best. It is a pity. The build-up was great. The expectation was huge. But we did not play well enough.
All we have to do now is beat Spain on Thursday! No issue!
We headed back to the Accommodation after the game and had our supper and then off to bed and lights out for 10.30pm.
Jack has already broken the TV and the handle of the fridge and is missing Vanessa but otherwise we are all well and looking forward to the next five days.


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