Kennedy Cup Day 6 2012-06-15 19:31:00


Our last day at the 2012 Kennedy Cup. A short day.

We have to be out of the accommodation for in or around 10.00am and with the weather forecast so bad it was decided that we will go home this morning. There is little point in getting soaked for a third day running particularly when we have nowhere to go change or to stay out of the rain. It makes some sense although it is a pity to be going home a little early. It would have been nice to stay to see the Final. It would have been nicer to have had a game today. But that was not to be.
A few of the lads tried to pull an all-nighter last night but with varying degrees of success. It is amazing that you can actually get tired playing FIFA! Ciaran went missing, Robbie got a transfer and poor old Damo woke up to find Johnny licking his foot! Too much information, I know, but indication of the night before.
So, a few lads were a bit worse for wear this morning. Not Eddie, though, he never stops and it is hard to now imagine that he was once one of the quiet lads!
Still, up for breakfast for 9.00. Sort out the packing and do a tidy of the rooms and the houses. Not too bad overall and all things considered.
There was a little bit of hanging around until the bus arrived at about 11.30 or so. It took a while to load up and then we were on our way. It proved a right decision as it was again pouring rain.
So, farewell to Limerick and to the Kennedy Cup.

We had a shop stop on the way home and were back in Athlone for just after 1.45pm.

A few of the mothers will now be under a small bit of pressure in the kitchen to keep us accustomed to the culinary standards set by Norman during the week.
It was a great experience. We did not achieve all that we wanted and hoped for. It was still hugely enjoyable and memorable. There is not a player in the squad who would trade the experience for anything.

A big thank you to Colin, John and Brian for all your hard work, time, effort, expertise and knowledge. Thank you also to Seamus and Norman and to the ADSL for making this such a fantastic experience for all the players.

NOTE: The ADSL would also like to thank Colin, John and Brian for all that you have done for these young players and for the League.

We also want to thank Seamus for all that he has done for all these players. His contribution was immense.
We also want to thank Norman for enhancing the Kennedy Cup experience for this group of players and for his contribution to the ADSL effort.

The ADSL also want to thank the parents and families of the players for your assistance and support. It was greatly appreciated. You should also know that your sons did you proud in everything that they done, on and off the playing pitch.
The ADSL also want to thank the ADSL Clubs for their help and support and particularly St.Francis, Hodson Bay, Temple Villa and St.Joseph's for the use of their facilities for training and matches.

Finally, the ADSL would wish to thank the players who represented the ADSL with such distinction. You are a great credit to your families, to your Club and to this League. Thank you individually and as a group. You are a great group of outstanding young men. We hope that you have enjoyed and benefitted from the experience and your participation. Thank you.



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