UK Tour 2014 - Day 1 - Prologue 2014-04-17 20:55:00


Easter 2014 and 23 players from the ADSL Under-14 Development Academy travel to England. This is their story. Most of it is true. It is based on real events.


NOTE: No ADSL players were harmed in the making of this story. (Hopefully!)


We met up at The Bounty on Tuesday evening to load up our gear which is travelling over to England ahead of us on the Ferry.


It seemed impossible that all the gear would fit into the van but somehow it did. Then we went inside for a final pep talk and to receive our tracksuits etc for travelling. The Hummel gear is only class and we will certainly look well.


The excitement is really starting to build now. We are so looking forward to our trip to the UK where we will base ourselves in Bolton for six days and all as part of our preparations for the Kennedy Cup.


We cannot wait to finally get going tomorrow!


Heather is already in England and since Sunday. She is playing with the Irish Schools Under-15 team in a Tournament near Derby. She played yesterday in a 2-0 win over Northern Ireland. Well done Heather! She will join up with us on Thursday evening. Com ’on you Girls in Green!


                          DAY 1 (PROPER) – WEDNESDAY 16TH April 2014


The day seemed to drag forever!


It was a long time to 5.00pm when we started to gather at Kilmartins all ready and eager to go. It has to be said that we looked pretty fine in our new Hummel gear. Even if we do say so ourselves! Enda however looked particularly natty sporting the most amazing sunglasses ever. Super cool!

Then it was onto the bus and away to the airport.


En route we were told who we were rooming with. Everybody seemed happy enough. There was a great sense of excitement and anticipation on the bus and some great craic. We made a pit stop at AppleGreen and then onto the airport. With no bags to check in we were quickly through the security and stuff with Kieran and Keith eventually making it through at the second attempt.


We did not have to wait long for our flight and soon we were up, up and away.


Tom gave a very interesting talk on the subject of physics and the eventual destination of the waste from the airplane. It was probably too much information and Paul, for one, will never look up at a passing plane in quite the same way. Callum meanwhile made aviation history by becoming the first passenger ever to purchase a scratch card. The cabin crew member was in a state of shock to have finally made a sale but is now receiving all the appropriate care and treatments. Callum won nothing!


We can also exclusively reveal that Jason has simply a shocking (and to be honest, a disturbing) taste in music. A search of the playlist on his phone disclosed such gems as Susan Boyle, Fame, Wham and, wait for it, One Direction! Yes. One Direction!


The flight went quickly and soon we were landing in Manchester and out quickly from the airport and onto our waiting bus to head to our hotel in Bolton. The craic on the bus just gets better and better.


The Hotel is only awesome. We are staying in Bolton Whites Hotel which is a part of Bolton Wanderers Reebok Stadium. Some of the lads have rooms with views out on to the pitch and Stadium. Amazing!


The rooms and the Hotel is great. After checking in we had a quick team meeting to confirm a few of the ground rules for the trip. All common sense and all intended to make this a great trip.


It has certainly started well. Then it was off to bed after a great first day.


Good night! Sleep tight!


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