Day 1 WSC 2014 2014-07-31 05:55:00



It was an ungodly start to the day with most up for around 3.00am to meet up in Kilmartins for 4.00am to be on the road for 4.15am!


In truth the time mattered little as few appeared to have slept such is the level of excitement and anticipation. There was a huge crowd to see us off. All the players were ready for the off before most of the adults even surfaced. There is a mighty buzz and we cannot wait to get going.


The bus is fantastic. Ciaran the driver seems sound. All good to go.


We are also delighted to have Dermot with us. Like most of the lads this is his first ADSL trip and it is great to have him. We must also congratulate him on his FAI Coach of the Year Award after only a few weeks with us! Quality!


We all looked the part and are really looking forward to this trip. Six days away!


There was soon a sing-song going and we even managed some Leonard Coen but we could not be a happier group. We also watched some ADSL Futsal on the DVD. Great fun! We made good time on the way making a pit stop in Bunclody en route. The poor man in the filling station must have got the shock of his life but somehow he coped. Then it was on to meet the boat in Rosslare. It is a beautiful morning which further improves the great mood all round.


There was a big crowd on the boat. The sea was calm and the crossing peaceful and relaxing in glorious weather. The craic gets better and better and it was a happy group that soon landed in Wales. Suddenly we are here and the dream is real.


It was less than a two hour trip to Cardiff. Some managed a little sleep but most are just hugely energised to be here.


Soon we were in Cardiff and in Cardiff University which is home for the next few days. The accommodation is great. Single en suite rooms for all but quickly plans were afoot for some doubling up. We soon settled in, got a grasp on our bearings and had a team meeting to set out some house rules etc. By added bonus the bottom floor of our Block is occupied by an Under-13 Girls team from Texas, USA! They seemed as happy as we were with that!


Then it was time for dinner. We were well ready for that.


The food was fine but we would have eaten anything. Lasagne with wedges, side salad and garlic bread or a choice of salmon. Desert was divine! The cheese cake was heavenly and there was also apple pie and cream! We will do okay here!


Soon after we were back on a bus heading into the Cardiff Bay area for the Opening Ceremony and Parade, (see gallery for some snaps). We each had huge Irish flags and looked very colourful and made loads of noise. It did not however stop a radio reporter from BBC Wales asking us as we marched – “And where are you from?” Bizarre!


It was great fun. There are teams from Columbia,  England, Finland, Canada, Dubai, Lebanon and of course our new found friends from Texas! There was a Parade, a Welsh Male Voice Choir, cheerleaders and two fantastic ball jugglers. There were speeches and the Tournament was opened by the Minister for Sport in front of TV cameras and a huge crowd.


We were also told that the Tournament has granted permission to Scouts from 16 Premiership clubs and also Championship clubs to attend the Tournament. That gives some idea of just how big this is. But that is for tomorrow. There was still more fun to be had tonight.


Jordan and Adam had a go at the ball juggling and did well. Daragh had a go at cheerleading and certainly went up in the world. There was also a Festival and Carnival with loads of fun and craic. There was music and most of the lads were up dancing with any passer-by who was up for a laugh. It was only fantastic fun. Much of this will make You Tube!


Then it was back to the University Accommodation. We shared the bus with the American girls on the way home and had a brilliant sing-song with them. A good day just got better and better all the time.


Then we had a team meeting and the two teams were announced for tomorrow and we got our playing gear. There was a delay in receiving the fixtures but both teams play tomorrow morning at 10.00 and 10.15am.


It has been a simply fantastic first day. It is hard to see how it can get any better but we have not kicked a ball yet. It was however a long day and most lads did not need much of an invitation to hit the bed. Exhausted but exhilarated!


What an amazing and simply fantastic first day. Good night!


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