Day 2 WSC 2014-08-01 07:32:00



Sleep came easy last night.


It was a little harder to rouse a few this morning. Jack S took an eternity to rise. His was a deep coma and only for Jordan he might still be there! Meanwhile Zach is just not a morning person! To compensate we have given him his very own PA in an effort to assist him. Matthew drew the short straw!


We were down for breakfast at 7.30am.  A long lie in compared to yesterday!


The grub was again good and we were on our bus to the Tournament venue for 8.30am.


The venue is very good. It has loads of good pitches and there was a great atmosphere about the place despite the early hour with loads of teams and spectators, stalls and shops.


Our two teams are in the same competition but in different Groups. The ADSL Aces are in Group A and will play twice today while the ADSL Flyers are in Group 2 and play once today. We warmed up together and then did our individual things. The Aces kick off the competition at 10.00am with the Flyers in action at 10.15am.


Best of luck to both teams. Let the games begin!


                   ADSL ACES        9     :   GRANGETOWN ATHLETIC (WALES)      1


What a great start!


And literally. We took the lead in the first minute with the honour of scoring the first goal in the competition falling to Oisin Duffy. It was a great pass by Conor Rushe that put in Oisin and he finished brilliantly for a 1-0 lead.


However within a minute it was level when they scored from distance into the bottom corner. 1-1.


We then exploded playing some fantastic football and got an early reward with a second lead goal. It was a super pass from Josh that put Aaron in and he raced clear to blast home for 2-1. We were awesome. Jordan then scored two quick fire goals to make it 4-1. The first of those was just pure class with an amazing run and finish. Wow! Then Aaron got is second with Jordan then scoring again for his hat-trick and then score a sensational fourth just before half-time to lead by an amazing 7-1 at the break.


We were worth every bit of it as we played that well. It was great to watch.


We played as well in the second half and retained possession better even if not as prolific in front of goal. Oisin did score again for his second of the game to make it 8-1 with the last goal coming from an O.G. off a Stephen O’Connor shot.


It was a powerful way to start. Everyone played well and we are delighted. But it was off straight away to see how the Flyers were doing on Pitch 4.


                  ADSL FLYERS     5      :     BRIDGEND JUNIORS (WALES)     0


The Flyers got off to… well… a flyer!


This was another great performance. We had chances early on with Matthew hitting the crossbar with a header but had to wait until the 12th minute for the first goal. Mark Naughton played a terrific ball out from the back picking out Jack O’Beirne’s great run and Big Jack did the rest with a cool and calm finish for 1-0.


Jack and Adam Donoghue both had good efforts just over before Owen Keogh played a great ball down the left for Adam Donoghue to cut inside only to see his first effort saved but then scored the rebound to make it 2-0.


Big Jack then had a good effort cleared off the line for a corner but got his second of the game just before half-time to leave it 3-0 at the break.


We continued to play well into the second half. Ryan Conway was unlucky with a volley but when Jack O’Beirne was denied his hat-trick with a good save Ryan was on hand to score from the rebound for 4-0.


Matthew was then taken down for a penalty and took it himself scoring in off the post to leave the final score line at 5-0.


If there are any happier Irish men anywhere on the globe right now I would be surprised!


Then we had lunch before the Aces prepared for their second game.


               ADSL ACES     1    :    NCF ELITE ACADEMY (ENGLAND)     1


This was a great game of football.


The NCF Elite Academy are from North London and they can play. But so can we and the result was an outstanding football match.


We started well. We held onto possession for long periods and effectively switched the play. Our passing was good and the tempo was good. We had the best early chance from Eoin Keogh after a decent shot by Oisin.


However despite all that good play we went behind. We were caught under a speculative cross and they bundled the ball over the line at the back post. We had other chances, most notably when Jordan’s shot was saved after a good Aaron pass and another good move. But we turned around that one goal behind.


Into the second half we continued to try to do the right thing. We created the better chances and had more of the game. Jordan had a one-on-one saved in our best chance but they were defending well and were well organised.


We kept plugging away and were finally rewarded. It was a mighty surging run down the left by Nasir who then whipped in the most delicious cross from the end line met under the crossbar by a sensational run by Oisin who powerfully volleyed to the roof of the net. What a fantastic goal!


We kept pressing for a winner but were just beaten by time. It was however a very good performance and was pleasing for that.


We had huge support today. There is a huge crowd of family and friends only and they are making their presence felt on the side-line as we hope we are doing on the inside of that white line.


Then after a cool down and some stretches it was back on the bus to the Accommodation and a well-deserved shower and some down time.


We had time before dinner for a trip to Tesco. It is great that they have them over here as well. There was all manner of things bought. Jack S was amazed to discover that this was where all that stuff came from. He thought it just kept appearing in the press at home. Cillian and Trixie are hosting a “Come Dine With Me” special. There was a special offer on “Ben & Jerry’s”. The self-service check out resembled a war zone but Mr. Tesco must be very happy and should happily retire on the proceeds.


Then it was time for dinner. The food was again great. The deserts were again amazing.


We then had a team meeting and debrief on today and to prepare for tomorrow. Then we had some free time. Some just messed about. Some did a skills school with Dermot. Seamus did a brisk trade. Meanwhile Daragh, Mark and Gary gave a hand out with the laundry. What an education the ADSL provides! Some though the playing gear just washed itself! They at least now appreciate the importance of giving the gear back right and not in a tangled ball. Every day is a school day!


We met up again at 9.45 and got our sparkling clean gear for tomorrow. Thank you Daragh, Mark and Garry!


Then it was off to bed.  Another great day. Each team has one game tomorrow. The Flyers are up first followed by the Aces. Hopefully we can both build on the good start made today.


Finally, we just cannot allow the day to pass without mentioning a remarkable feat. They say that if you live long enough you may get to see just about anything. Today was such a day!


In the history of the ADSL there has perhaps been no previous moment of such sheer courage and bravery. In truth the entire history of mankind would be hard pressed to find such a defining incident of such awesome daring do. It is rare to encounter such resilience of character, of intestinal fortitude, such moral certainty, such wanton disregard for personal safety in the face of no regard for personal consequence or value for any semblance of self-respect or character. Yet we were witness to all that today. It was both painful yet compelling to view.


But this day will go down in history. And Bryan Rohan was the man. For it was on this the last day of July in the year of 2014 that our own Bryan Rohan took it upon himself to wear an Offaly jersey! And in public!


What a man!


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