Day 3 WSC 2014-08-01 23:37:00


 (see photo gallery for a few snaps from Cardiff)

Matthew got the sack as Zach’s PA. Josh has taken over. “You should never send a boy to do a man’s job” is Josh’s confident assertion. To be fair Josh had Zach up in good time this morning, fully orientated and after a cup of tea all was well with Zach’s world. Well done Zach! Well done Josh!


The rest of us had to manage ourselves but we somehow coped and all were down for 8.30 breakfast and onto the bus for 9.45am with each team having a game apiece today.


Special commendation must go to Terry and Clive who took it upon themselves to go out last night and just check that the parents are managing somehow without their pride and joy. By all accounts they are just about coping but you just got to admire the two lad’s selfless devotion to the cause by putting themselves out in this way! Dedication sometimes knows no bounds!


Seamus showed that he is a man of many talents by taking over as Musical Director on the bus. The mood was as good as the music and it was a beautiful morning defying the predictions for heavy rain today. The mood was still good as we made our way out to Pitch 9 proudly flying the Tricolour to let everyone know who we were and the parents know where we were. As we paraded along a little kid playing in the Under-8’s stopped and looked in awe as we passed, pointing excitedly to his nearest team-mate – “Look, it’s the Ivory Coast!”


The ADSL Flyers were first in action.


                      ADSL FLYERS     0      :   CANTON RANGERS (WALES)    5


This was a shock to the system!


In truth we played quite well, especially in a scoreless first half in which we held our own against much bigger and stronger opposition.


But in the second half we were just overpowered and their big No.7 had an outstanding performance.


They scored two quick goals early in the second half and we were on the back foot thereafter. We however never gave up and kept playing and were managing to establish a toe hold in the game when we conceded a cheap third goal coming off our own throw in our half. That rattled us and they then scored a fourth with a fantastic strike into the top corner for 4-0. We kept trying to do the right thing and fashioned a few decent chances but they scored a breakaway fifth in the last minutes to finish it at 5-0. We were nowhere as bad as that but neither could we match their sheer power.


After that we re-grouped with both teams having lunch in the glorious sunshine before the Aces headed off for their warm-up ahead of their game. The Flyers chilled and relaxed.


               ADSL ACES      0    :    CWMBRIAN & CLYDACH (WALES)      2


This was an excellent match against a Welsh Regional Academy side. Again the score line did us no justice.


We started well and had the best early chances but did not take them. We were playing well but had to against a very good team who again were bigger and stronger than us. We were having the upper hand when they scored with a magnificent strike from distance into the top corner. No keeper would have had any chance with that. It got worse when they scored again soon after with an even better strike that just flew into the net and suddenly without doing a whole lot wrong we were two goals down.


We battled away but it stayed that way to the half-time break. It started to rain just before half-time and that turned into a deluge of biblical proportions for most of the second half. It was torrential rain and soon everyone was soaked to the bone. It made it hard to play but we kept at it and we did have a few chances but failed to score. It was the type of game that you felt that if we could just get one we might get two and then who knows. But it was not to be. But we left everything out on the pitch in trying. It was a mighty effort.


On the face of it two defeats today looks bad but there was much to admire in both performances. We are here to learn and to be challenged and we got all of that today.


We were all soaked. The intention was to go straight to the swimming pool but we had to go back to the Accommodation to first dry out, get a quick shower and a change of clothes.


Then it was back onto the bus and to the Cardiff International Pool.


This was unbelievable fun! It is a water park with slides and it was only brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed this but somehow Trixie and his loyal band of followers seemed to enjoy it more than most. I could tell you what went on but some things just should not appear in a Diary such as this. “What goes on tour stays on tour” and all that! But we can assure you it was good clean fun and this was a fantastic part of this trip and will live long in the memory of all 27 players. Great fun and craic all round!


After almost two hours in the pool we headed back to Cardiff University with another great sing-song on the bus and straight into the Dining Hall for dinner for 27 very hungry but very happy men.


After that we had fun in the Games Room with Pool, FIFA on a giant screen, table tennis and any number of other games and distractions for another hour or so.


Then we had a great team meeting to review today’s football and to prepare for tomorrow’s games. There was great interaction between players and coaches and we are fully focussed on tomorrow now. Both teams play their last Group games against Dubai United from Dubai (or as we call them – “De boys from Du Boy!”) and Alset from Columbia. What a day to look forward to.


We finally got our playing gear for tomorrow and then off to bed for a big day tomorrow. Two big Group games but still with all to play for.


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