Day 4 WSC 2014-08-02 23:48:00


 What a fantastic and amazing day!


We were down for breakfast for 8.00am and on the bus for 8.45am with a big day ahead of us. We had our American friends for company on the bus and that was good fun. Terry also made the first rendition of a newly composed WSC Anthem to the tune of Leonard Coen’s “Hallelujah”. Everyone in the squad gets a mention with a great chorus which is only brilliant. This one will be a best seller and is available now on I-Out of Tunes!


When we got to the venue our focus changed quickly to our two final and vital Group games. The Flyers play at 10.00 against Dubai on Pitch 4 while the Aces play Alset from Columbia at 10.15 on the Main Pitch. Little did we know what was to unfold.


                            ADSL FLYERS      0   :   DUBAI UNITED (DUBAI)       1


This was a tough task for the Flyers against the unbeaten Dubai who had two impressive wins from two. They are also a huge side and at least four of them looked way too old for this age category. They also happen to be very good.


But this was the Flyers best performance of the week so far. They were magnificent and were only undone four minutes from time after a simply heroic performance.


Gary set the standard in goal. He was outstanding making at least five excellent saves and did everything else well in a stand out display. But it was the same all over the pitch. Paul and Mark were excellent in the heart of the defence. Jack S and Owen were brilliant full backs defending well but also getting forward when they could. Adam T, Bryan and Daniel covered huge ground from midfield against some big men while Big Jack continued his great week by again brilliantly leading the line supported by Adam D and Under-12 Academy player Matthew on the flanks. Cillian and Ryan made big impacts when introduced but Zach could play no part due to his hay fever.


We held them until half-time in a largely rear guard action but we had a real go at them and had chances to take the lead but they scored off a corner with less than four minutes to go.


That was just heart breaking because the performance deserved better. It was a super effort that won huge plaudits from all who saw it. Well done to the Flyers. They now place third in Group B and will play the Challenge Cup semi-final later this afternoon.


Meanwhile it was all going on (and off) over on the Main Pitch.



ADSL ACES     2       :    ALSET (COLUMBIA)        1


They will talk about this game for some time.


What happened later should not overshadow a great Aces performance and a super game of football.


We took the lead with a super Jordan goal. He got in one-on one with the keeper and showed great skill and great composure to beat the keeper to score. We doubled that lead before the break from a set-piece free kick we had practised and practised before we ever left Ireland finished with a magnificent strike from Conor for one of the great goals.


The game was tough but largely fair. They were quick, had a few big lads but moved the ball quickly. We were up for it making for a great contest. Even though they did get a goal back with just over ten minutes to go we were playing well and coping. It would however be a big finish but we never knew just how big!


There was less than five minutes to go when one of the Columbians hacked down Jordan in our half after the ball was moved away. He cut the legs clean from under him in a dangerous swipe. The referee however saw it and she immediately showed the Columbian a straight red card.


This caused the Columbian to first shove and then strike out and hit the female referee and there was a suggestion that he bit her on the arm before again turning his attention to the poor prostrate Jordan. All hell broke out! The Columbian was pulled off the referee as people raced onto the pitch.


The Columbian was sent off and did eventually go. However the unfortunate referee was very upset and distressed and felt unable to continue. There was a long delay before it was decided to finish the game and a further delay while a new team of officials arrived to finish the game.


All through this the Aces behaved impeccably and held their composure, nerve and concentration during the delay and in the delayed final minutes against a fired up Columbian side to hold on for the vital 2-1 win that sees the Aces finish second in the Group and qualify for this afternoon’s Super Cup semi-final.


However the whole place was soon talking about the Columbian incident. It was disgraceful and something none of us had ever seen before. It was particularly unfair on the unfortunate female referee who was clearly upset and shocked by the incident. We felt so bad about it that we later presented her with a bunch of flowers which she greatly appreciated and seemed to be much better about the whole thing. The Columbian was suspended from the rest of the Tournament.


Anyhow the upshot of all that is that the ADSL Aces will now play Dubai in the semi-final of the Super Cup while the Flyers got the game nobody wanted against the Columbians in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup.


                              ADSL FLYERS       1     :      ALSET (COLUMBIA)           5


The Flyers were rightly apprehensive about this game against the fired up Columbians.


It finished 5-1 but we actually played very well and the score line does no justice to the effort put in. The performance was up there with the outing earlier this morning but we trailed 3-0 at the break and were 4-0 down into the second half before getting a goal back when Jack S did very well from a well worked short corner routine to create the chance for Owen to score from close range. Most of the game was played in a torrential down pour with a few claps of thunder thrown in for good measure.


However they got a fifth late on which never reflected the overall play nor the magnificent effort put in by this team. They played their hearts out and gave their very all.


The Flyers will now contest the Trophy Cup Final tomorrow.


                                  ADSL ACES       2     :    DUBAI UNITED (DUBAI)      1


 This magnificent win puts the ADSL Aces in the Welsh Super Cup Final tomorrow and with a magnificent performance.


Dubai had not lost a game with a 100% win record in their Group and won the English Super Cup in Bolton last week but the ADSL deserved every bit of this win.


We worked very hard to lead at half-time. We were not at our best but we worked hard and had a terrific attitude and will about us. We took the lead off a corner with Stephen getting the last touch at the back post for 1-0.


They came out with all guns blazing but we were ready and up for it and upped our game considerably. We doubled our lead when Stephen got on the end of a very good move to finish with a great shot which sent the huge ADSL support wild. We had other chances but they are a good side and had their own chances. They however were getting frustrated the more the game went and there were more than a few tough tackles and challenges. They got a goal back with less than ten minutes to go but we never panicked and easily closed out the game in a most competent and assured way. We were helped when they had a man sent off late on for another over robust challenge.


This was a great win and a great performance. Indeed, we had four great performances today that will bring us on loads. There were great and different challenges which is why we came here. It was super stuff and the manner in which both teams played was most pleasing and encouraging.


A very happy group of players and family then spent some well-deserved down time on the Tournament site. Some enjoyed the skills school with the ball juggler. Others had a go on the various stalls and such. Big Jack makes a big Sumo wrestler. Daragh and Adam T had a go at Gladiator Cudgel fighting while others got some photos or just relaxed about the place after a most eventful day.


Then we headed back to the Accommodation. 16 hardy souls made a repeat attack on Tesco before dinner. Again the food was very good. There was some good craic to be had in the Games Room before heading back to the Accommodation for a team meeting. Big Jack, Nas, Andrew and Adam T gave a hand with the laundry. A few more managed to just about avoid burning a few pizzas. Paul’s mattress again somehow found its own way into his bathroom. Josh almost got the sack as Zach again misplaced or lost his key for about the third time!


We got our freshly laundered gear at 9.30pm and it was lights out at 10.00pm ahead of another big day tomorrow.


It was some day today! Amazing really!


Tomorrow the Flyers are determined to finish with a win in the Trophy Cup Final. That game kicks off at 10.00am. Then the Aces will contest the Under-13 Welsh Super Cup Final. We have never won an 11-a-side Super Cup Final in six previous attempts. We did win our first ever Super Cup when last here two years ago but that was in 8-a-side. This Super Cup Final kicks off at 11.05am and we are determined to do our best to win the ADSL’s first 11-a-side Super Cup Final. We will face the Welsh Regional Academy side Cwmbrian & Clydach who beat us 2-0 in the pouring rain in the Group on Friday. It will be tough but we will give this one good go.



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