Day 5 WSC 2014-08-04 18:08:00



Finals day!


We were down for breakfast for 8.00am to be on the bus for 8.45 to be at the venue in good time. We again had a rendition of the new WSC anthem with Terry on lead vocals and Seamus as the band with 27 on backing vocals! Otherwise Seamus’s choice of music on the short trip was again inspirational.


We did a good brisk warm-up and then the Flyers headed over to Pitch 9 to prepare for their Trophy Final kicking off at 10.00am. The Aces would only be able to stay for the first half before heading over to the Main Show Pitch for their Super Cup Final. There was also a huge crowd of ADSL supporters to cheer both teams on.




This was a great win and a great reward for the ADSL Flyers.


Right from the first whistle we were at it and we took the lead as early as the fourth minute. Good play by Matthew put in Big Jack who took the ball past the defender with one touch and then buried it low into the bottom corner. A class goal and the perfect start.


It got better just two minutes later when Bryan played a clever and quick free kick to Matthew who rounded the keeper before rolling the ball into an empty net. Two minutes later again and Adam D made it three with some good play down the left flank and a cool finish. In the very next minute Matthew made it four with his second with a cheeky but expert lob over the by now bewildered keeper.  


Ten minutes gone and this Final was over. The Flyers just blitzed their Welsh opponents in a devastating opening period.


The Flyers even missed a 15th minute penalty but when 5 up on 20 minutes with a great strike from distance by team skipper Daniel McDermott to crown an awesome opening half with a splendid goal.


Nine minutes into the second half Daniel made it 6 with his second of the Final with another powerful shot into the top corner.


Two minutes later great work by Cillian gave Big Jack a tap in for his second of the Final and then Cillian himself fired home a quick fire brace on 22 and 23 minutes.


The final whistle saw it finish at 9-0 and a most comprehensive win for the Flyers and just reward for them for a great week’s work. There was great celebrations at the end and rightly so. Mark did his by now trademark and popular dance to great acclaim.


However there was little time to celebrate as everyone wanted to get over to the Main Pitch for the Super Cup Final.




This was very disappointing.


We never really got going and never played anything like the football we had played earlier in the week or indeed yesterday. Perhaps those two big wins in two tough games yesterday took more out of us than we thought but for whatever reason we never really got out of the starting blocks here.


That was not helped by the concession of a very cheap goal in the first half. We were struggling. The work rate and effort was there but there was just no spark.


We did lift it in the second half and started better and started to string a few passes together. However all that hope was dimmed when we gave away another cheap goal just five minutes in. It was down to hesitant and poor defending. It was a cheap goal and worse because again they did not have to work hard for either and we had a mountain to climb.


We tried but they broke up the game and time wasted at every turn. They were also guilty of some hefty challenges and we were given fresh hope when they were reduced to ten men for the last ten minutes for an off the ball challenge on Trixie. They pulled everyone back which made it even harder. We had a couple of good chances but the game was ended when they broke away on the counter-attack and hit us for a sucker third goal.


That was it. Game over.


In time, later today and later in the week, we will reflect that we did very well to reach this Final and that overall we had a fantastic week. Right now it hurts and more so because we are much better than that and we will regret that we did not play our best when it mattered most. We will have to look at that but as a team we will play bigger games and if we learn from this we will be the better for it.


After a bit of lunch we were feeling a bit better and kept our promise to go watch our American friends from Texas play. They were very good and we celebrated their every goal (and there was loads of them) as if they were our own as we led the chants of “USA! USA!” that rang around the grounds.


It was good fun. We have got on very well with the Texas girls and Paul came up with the very excellent suggestion that we play them in a friendly, out in Texas of course. Everyone was in agreement!


We then had our medal presentations. Daniel led up the Flyers to accept the Trophy Final Cup and each player got their winners medal. The Aces joined them on stage to receive their medals. Mark did his dance again and we are all happy out again.


There was then time for loads of photos with parents and family before it was time to head back to the Accommodation. We shared the bus with some of the Columbians. The knack of the Irish to get on with anyone is just remarkable and it was great to see players from both countries sitting together on the trip back. Our Spanish is as good as their English but it did not matter. There was great craic on the bus and yet another mighty sing-song.


Back at the Accommodation it was a quick change and a bus into the city centre to do a bit of shopping. Some got a few bargains. Some were not too bothered but again it was good fun.


Zach also left us. Josh handed him over into his parent’s care who are going to stay on for a while longer. The strong bond in the Group was all too evident as we bid Zach farewell. We will see him on Wednesday for the Galway Cup.


We walked back to our Accommodation and went straight to the dining room for dinner. The chicken was fantastic. It was also occasion to meet up with the Columbians for more craic in the Games Room and then out and about the place until 9.30pm or so. This again was great fun with fellas now swapping address and getting on great together. Laughter just rang about the place and it was just great to see. Paul is busy trying to fit in a game or two against the Columbians on the way back from Texas!


Then it was time for us to start packing and to tidy up our rooms and houses. That was more challenging for some than for others. Jack S never got around to finishing that hovering he has been threatening to do all week.


We are getting near the end of this great adventure now. But we will not go quietly. There is still a bit of craic to be knocked out of this yet.


What a wonderful experience this has been. It has simply flown yet it seems a long time ago since we arrived. We have had great times on the itch. We have learned loads and certainly improved as players and as a team. We have had a great time off the pitch. Existing friendships have been strengthened and new friendships that will endure forever have been made.


This has been better than we could ever have imagined! Please do not let it end just yet!


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