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At Easter 2015 a crack outfit of ADSL Under-14 footballers went on a (not so secret) footballing mission.

Their task was to preach the ADSL gospel. To boldly go where no ADSL Under-14 footballer has gone before. (Well, except for every Easter and in 2012 and 2013 in Malta!)

This is their story.

DAY 1 : TUESDAY 31st MARCH 2015.


Greetings from Malta!

We made it here safe and sound.

We met up earlier at the Kilmartins N6 Centre. We were supposed to be there for 1.45pm but everyone was there well before that. The sense of giddy excitement was palpable.

We were soon packed and ready for the off. Barely a one had a look back at the distraught, emotional parents sorry that they were only getting rid of the “little babies” for ten days!

Conor Duggan was our navigator and he managed to get us to the airport on time. Conor would not come with us. He was determined to call to Apple Green on the way home!

On the way up we were told which rooms we are in and who we are sharing with. Everybody seemed happy enough. Luckily Zach has the responsibility of looking after Josh and Stephen. In truth Zach is the only responsible and sensible one here. He can be relied upon to look out for and look after everyone!

We checked in quickly. Jack B looks like he packed enough for a year! Owen K even managed to get his body bag through. Meanwhile Ryan’s valiant efforts to supply the entire Maltese nation with shampoo and shower gel was twarted by an over zealous security official. The only real problems were Terry forgetting his bag (because he was carrying everybody else’s) and Clive who went missing (we think for a burger).

The flight itself was delayed by fifty minutes. It was late in arriving. It took 4 and a half hours to fly from Malta against a strong head wind. That same wind had caused the cancellation of some of the parent’s flights who were going to Malta via Frankfurt. We will have that wind on our backs on the way out.

We took off at just before 7.30pm. We were a bit worried about Adam but he is grand. He has some magic mystery potion but he does not need it.

It is Tony’s first time to fly. His arms are very tired. However from his window he saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the San Siro in Milan. He is not quite sure if you can stand on a cloud! We think he may have got some of Adam’s potion.

The best part of the flight was Paul’s Mammy’s home-made cookies! They are delicious! He tried to hide them (and it is believed that he still has a secret stash) but we made short work of them. We are sending out an Order to Paul’s Mam! More cookies please! And soon! Send them by DHL!

The flight was full. The Irish U-17 Water Polo team are also going to Malta and are competing in an 8 Nation Tournament. We wish them the very best of good luck.

 We landed just before 11.30pm local time. They are one hour ahead.

We collected our baggage and were soon onto our waiting bus and onto the Hotel. It is grand. We checked in and had a light supper and found our rooms. A few fellas even went to sleep. Eventually!

So, all safe and well.  Sound and happy. A successful first day and ready for nine more.


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