Day 6 2015-04-05 20:47:00



Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter.

This was always intended as a “down day” for rest and recovery.

It actually rained overnight and in the very early morning. The morning was a little overcast and blustery. But we are getting picky now!

After breakfast we split into five groups and went for a walk for some “contemplative reflection”. It was an exercise that needed to be done and was done well and will hopefully stand to us in the future.

We went to the Bay area for our lunch. The Restaurant clearly caught the lazy Sunday feeling as we waited almost an hour for our food. There was however no rush on us and we easily whiled away the time watching the world saunter by and the backdrop of the most spectacular view of the Mediterranean with big tankers and cruise ships rolling by.

After lunch we got some fantastic ice-cream. Simply delicious!

Then we strolled back to the hotel for more down time with a few even grabbing some shut-eye. Seamus had a steady flow of patients and he is working his usual wonders. The big breaking story on Sky Sports News is Jack S’s right foot. Now we all love Jack’s right foot but he has injured it. The official version is that he hit a door by accident. Jack is sticking by that but already there are dozens of journalists and satellite trucks gathering outside the hotel as speculation mounts in relation to Jack’s foot. A smaller crowd of well wishers is also gathering holding a candle light vigil for Jack’s foot. The right foot has declined to make any public comment on the matter. The left foot has issued a Statement stating that this is typical and why is all the focus and attention on the right foot? Our thoughts are with the foot!

Then we watched a DVD of yesterday’s match. The coaches have done a superb job in analysing the game. It is specific to each player and is a great aid and tool in helping the players to better understand and better perform his individual and team role. It was a great education and we will be the better for the analysis.

At 7.30pm we went for dinner.

After dinner we had some down time and then returned for a bit more of the match video analysis. It is very informative and the players are mostly engrossed by it.

We were in bed early. The Tournament resumes tomorrow and we are eager to go. Both the Saints and the Scholars each have games tomorrow. We have a very busy next three days so this rest and recovery day was perfect.

There are no other developments in relation to Jack’s right foot. However the local police and a fire truck are now outside the hotel as a rival group of demonstrators had arrived in sympathy with and in support of the left foot.

We will keep you posted. You will hear the news, heel first.


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